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Sacramento Brain Injury Attorney

Sacramento brain injury attorney Curtis Namba has substantial experience in the highly sensitive area of traumatic brain injuries. A brain injury can occur in nearly any type of accident. When you or a loved one suffers a brain injury, you need an attorney with experience regarding the legal ramifications of the accident; you also need an attorney with a medical understanding of the injuries sustained to provide you with the best opportunity for full, fair compensation for the pain & suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and the large amount of future damages that may be caused by the accident.

There are several different types of brain injuries. If the trauma results in damage to the skull itself, such as a crack or break, the trauma is considered a penetrating head injury. More difficult to diagnose are closed head injuries, where the skull is not obviously damaged but the brain is still injured. This can occur from a blow or impact, or from severe back-and-forth shaking, such as whiplash. Babies and small children can suffer such injuries from being shaken, known as “shaken baby syndrome.” Contact a Sacramento brain injury attorney Curtis Namba today for a free and confidential evaluation of your case.

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