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Sacramento Dog Bite Injury Attorney

Aggressive dogs bite over 500,000 people a year. A majority of which are children. On average, twelve die from their injuries. The vast majority of the owners of dogs who injure people claim that their dogs did not exhibit aggressive behavior prior to their attack.

At the Namba Law Office we devote a great deal of time to providing representation to individuals who have experienced a dog bite or other animal attack. If a dog bites you seek immediate medical attention regarding cleaning the wound and testing for various injuries specifically related to animal bites such as rabies. Report the incident to the local animal control. Usually, if animal control is able to locate the dog, they can determine its status on rabies vaccination and whether it has a history of past attacks. In addition, they may be able to prevent it from doing so again.

The medical consequences from a dog bite may be serious and long-lasting. You may have permanent damage that requires numerous surgeries and medical therapies over the course of your lifetime. In children, the medical implications are often more severe due to their ages and vulnerability in an attack.

Statutes of limitation may apply, so it is best to talk with a qualified Sacramento dog bite attorney soon after an injury to determine if you have a valid claim. There is no charge for an initial consultation. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries as a result of a dog or other animal attack, please call (916) 922-6300 or fill out our online injury consultation form.